Mizoram is host to numerous species of birds, wildlife and flora. Other problems faced by the state includes shortage of electricity, capital, telecommunication and export market access. The crystal clear waters of River Tlawng and the Tamdil Lake would give an experience to remember for a lifetime. Considered to be one of the best places to visit in Mizoram, Hmuifang is one of those places where one can experience and get to know the rich culture and heritage of Mizoram. var cloned = el.clone(); Mizoram is one of the leading producers of bamboo in India, has 27 species of bamboo, and supplies 14% of India's commercial bamboo. The Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best attractions to visit here and you can spot peacock, Malabar pied hornbill, crested serpent eagle, and emerald-dove. Neihloh and Buangpuri are two of the most popular villages in Serchhip that will welcome you with colorful rural experience. Mizoram, popularly known as 'the land of hills,' is a beautiful state located in the northeast of India. Dampa Tiger Reserve. The Duhlian dialect, also known as the Lusei, was the first language of Mizoram and has come to be known as the Mizo language. Festival: The most popular festival in Mizoram is Chapchar Kut. 11. Mizoram is a mountainous region which became the 23rd State of the Union in February 1987. Phawngpui peak is the highest point in the state and is quite popular amongst travelers and adventure seekers. [33] The tropic of cancer runs through the state nearly at its middle. These dances have always been a part of the festivals and celebrations of Mizoram. Each village behaved like a small state, and the chief was called Lal. [47][48], The state has two national parks and six wildlife sanctuaries - Blue Mountain (Phawngpui) National Park, Dampa Tiger Reserve (largest), Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Murlen National Park, Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary, Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, and Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary. Lloyd, History of the Church in Mizoram: Harvest in the Hills (Aizawl: Synod publication Board, 1991, 2). Are you ready to experience the true Mizoram? Phawngpui is the highest mountain peak in Mizoram, rising about 2157 metres high near the Myanmar border in Chhimtuipui District. Mizoram has 21 noteworthy pinnacles of changed statures. Prior to 1947, the distance to Kolkata from Mizoram was shorter; but ever since, travel through Bangladesh has been avoided, and traffic loops through Assam an extra 1,400 kilometres to access the economic market of West Bengal. Kanika Proves That Traveling With An Infant To Kerala Is Totally Safe & Wonderful. Yes, Mizoram is a safe place for both groups and solo traveling. C. Nunthara (2002), Mizoram: Society and Polity, Lalrinnunga Hmar (2010), MIGRATION AND SOCIAL FORMATION OF THE MIZO, Ph.D. Thesis (Awarded), THE NORTH EASTER HILL UNIVERSITY SHILLONG, Chapter 5, pages 115-140. Phawngpui Peak is famous for orchids and rhododendrons. Beaches, Backwaters, Spas, & More. 94 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World In 2021 For A Romantic Escape! [22] The chiefs were the absolute rulers of their respective clans' territories (ram), although they remained under the nominal political jurisdictions of the Rajas of Manipur, Tripura and Burma. The region was renamed as Mizo District within Assam State in April 1954 and in that year, the institution of hereditary chieftainship was abolished, and instead village courts/council were set up. The state is developing its Kolodyne river for navigation and international trade. The eastern part is the Barail Group. [citation needed] The "khuang" is made from wood and animal hide and are often beaten enough to instigate a trance-like state with worshipers as they dance in a circular fashion. slideshowSpeed:3000, Mizoram is a Northeastern state of India is famous worldwide for its pleasant weather. The state has a chief minister, council of ministers with a portfolio of ministries responsible for different priorities and role of the government.[69]. The general geology of western Mizoram consists of repetitive succession of Neogene sedimentary rocks of the Surma Group and Tipam Formation such as sandstone, siltstone, mudstone and rare pockets of shell limestone. 18 Best Places To Visit In Kohima In 2020: The Hilly Capital Of Nagaland! }); Rural poverty is significantly higher in Mizoram, with 35.4% below the poverty line compared to India's rural poverty average of 25.7; while in urban areas of Mizoram, 6.4% are below the poverty line. Mizoram is a landlocked state in North East India whose southern part shares 722 kilometres long international borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh, and northern part share domestic borders with Manipur, Assam and Tripura. Most of the places to visit in Mizoram are offbeat and secluded. Based mainly on the tribal communities inhabiting this alluring state, referred to as the Mizos, the cultural boundary of Mizoram is … Mizoram is a landlocked state in North East India whose southern part shares 722[8] kilometres long international borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh, and northern part share domestic borders with Manipur, Assam and Tripura. It is also known as Spring Festival. There is a rock-like bridge structure in the village and thus, the name Lunglei is given to it. itemMargin:0 Places to visit: Mizoram State Museum, Solomon’s TempleBest season to visit: November to March, Suggested Read: 15 Secrets Of North East India Locals Have Been Keeping To Themselves. Jhum Cultivation: Mizoram is famous for Jhum Cultivation. Dubbed as the ‘House of Gods’, this quaint hill station is rich in vibrant species of orchids, fragrant herbs, exotic fauna and colourful rhododendron. } The people of Mizoram are collectively known as the Mizo. [77] In 2013, the area dedicated to horticulture and floriculture increased to 9.4% of 1.2 million hectares potential.[8]. Popularly known as the seven sister states, this region is too special and unique from the rest of the country. Champhai that you could explore on your visit. The crystal clear lake surrounded by the dense jungle will delight you at the very moment you go to Tamdil Lake. Jhum cultivation and raids on neighbouring tribes required Hnatlang, the spirit of united labour and equal sharing of the end result. Mizoram is the scenic gem of North-East India, which boasts of surreal beauty, peace, hospitable people, traditions, and culture. [119], Every 50 years, the Mautam bamboo blooms and its high-protein seeds lead to an explosion in the black rat population in the jungle, also referred to as the rat flood, which has historically destroyed entire villages' food supplies after rats move on to farm fields and devour crops. Dynamic House, Maruti Industrial Complex. }); Mizoram State Museum. slideshowSpeed:3000, Now, with Mizoram's state law as a dry state, the youth busy themselves with music and community dancing. $(e.target).closest('a').length) { [citation needed], The state is a bird watcher's destination. [28] At the time of the British conquest, there were around 60 chiefs. After India gained independence from the colonial rule, the region was granted autonomous status in 1952, where Mizo people formulated their own laws and delivered judicial decisions. Places to visit: Palak Wildlife Sanctuary, Palak Dil,Best time to visit: November to May, Suggested Read: 6 Churches In Mizoram That Will Make Your Vacation More Amazing In 2020, Located in Mizoram’s Champhal district, Murlen national Park is a haven for nature lovers. The rivers have a gentle drainage gradient particularly in the south.[39]. [109] Wild water buffalo, Sumatran rhinoceros, elephants and other mammals have been spotted in the past. It is the pride of Mizoram and is the popular destination in the city which attracts thousands of people on a daily basis. The textile industry of Mizoram offers a variety of garments, which are quite popular in the north-western part of the country of India. 6 Churches In Mizoram That Will Make Your Vacation More Amazing In 2020. 16 Beautiful Places To Visit In Mizoram On A Trip In 2020. Cheraw: Cheraw is a very old traditional dance of the Mizos. This is one of the treasured gems in Mizoram and a lot of people go to this place for a peaceful holiday. [17] Another software technology park is being established in Mizoram University campus. It is the 2nd least populous state in the country. Citizens of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan and foreign nationals having their origin in these countries are required to get the pass through the Indian consulate or from the Ministry of Home Affairs in New Delhi, before they arrive in Mizoram. The largest city in Mizoram and the state’s capital, Aizawl, is located in a picturesque setting on the ridges of hills at an altitude of 1132 m above sea level overlooking valley and hill ranges beyond. [73], Before 1947, agriculture in Mizoram predominantly used to be slash-and-burn driven Jhum cultivation. (Editor: Gupta) 1(1): 92-101. [citation needed], Mizoram's first football league debuted in October 2012. Mizos enjoy singing and, even without musical instruments, they enthusiastically sing together, clapping hands or by using other rhythmic methods. [123] Doordarshan, the national television service of India provides terrestrial broadcasting services and All India Radio broadcast programmes related to the indigenous culture and local news. By the time India gained independence from the British Empire, the number of tribal chiefs had increased to over 200. Share On: Mizoram is one of those places where one can just stop and smell the splendid lush greeneries, the fog covered distant hills, the sweet smelling floral views. In addition to these, there are several websites in local dialects. [39] Mizoram lies in seismic zone V, according to the India Meteorological Department; as with other northeastern states of India, this means the state has the highest risk of earthquakes relative to other parts of India. Known for its excellent natural places and splendor, do not miss this place in your travel program in Mizoram. easing:"linear", orig_width: 300 The best months to visit Mizoram are November to March because these months are ideal as the weather is pleasant and touring around can be fun. Beyond the major rivers, Mizoram has many small but perennial streams and rivulets with ideal condition for developing micro/mini and small hydroelectric projects. $('#metaslider_57735 .msHtmlOverlay').each(function() { The museum exhibits the traditional lifestyles of the Mizo people through daily objects like clothes, vessels, and tools. Small-scale irrigation projects have also been developed to increase crop yields. This is one of the best places to experience life away from the city. A consequence of Hnatlang was the culture of Tlawmngaihna, which does not have a direct English translation. Places to visit: Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park, Chhimtuipui River, Sangau, Phawngpui MountainBest season to visit: November to March, Suggested Read: 31 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Northeast India In 2019. [8] Mizoram is second only to Kerala. Champai - This strategically planned town is known for its beautiful terrain nestled among the hills as well as a budding culture. A few years later, Captain Lester was wounded in a battle with the Lusei tribe in the region that is now Mizoram. before: function(slider) { Sajnani, Encyclopaedia of Tourism Resources in India, Volume 1. One can also choose to hike up to the nearby hilly areas for a panoramic sight of the whole town. window.setTimeout(timer_metaslider_57735, 100) : !jQuery.isReady ? Popular as one of the Seven Sisters State in India, Mizoram offers relaxation, rejuvenation, thrill, and adventure for all. Of the birds found in Mizoram forests, 27 are on the worldwide threatened species lists and eight are on the critically endangered list. [102] Along with reviving traditional festivals, the community has been reviving traditional dances at these festivals, for example, dances such as Cheraw, Khuallam, Chheihlam and Chai.[103]. slideshow:false, Mizoram is also a place of teeming beauty, which is manifested in its mystifying plains and hills spread ubiquitously. It is to be found in the west part of Mizoram … Thousands of their descendants are now residents of Mizoram. Mizoram has one Central University (Mizoram University), one engineering college (National Institute of Technology Mizoram) and one private university (a branch of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India). Lalthangliana B (2001) The History of Mizos in India, Burma and Bangladesh. About 52% of Mizoram population lives in urban areas, much higher than India's average. It is observed in the month of march after completion of Jhum (cleaning of agriculture fields by burning). Mizoram has many traditional dances, such as: Mizo traditional tunes are very soft and gentle, with locals claiming that they can be sung the whole night without the slightest fatigue. Arunav Can't Stop Praising His Adventurous Trip To Sikkim & Darjeeling With Friends. Visitors to Mizoram are required to obtain an 'inner line permit' under the special permit before visiting. The government suggested it would introduce an amended liquor bill allowing retail shops to operate in Aizawl and other district headquarters to sell liquor — but not in bars. A Superintendent of Police is responsible for the police administration of each district. Nestled along the mountains that run through the state, Mizoram is known for its pristine hills and caves. The maximum north–south distance is 285 km, while maximum east–west stretch is 115 km. Blue Mountain National Park is famous for its diverse animal variety that resides here. Rintluanga Pachuau, Mizoram: A Study in Comprehensive Geography. About 91% of Mizoram is under forest cover. $('#metaslider_50011').metaslider_scale_layers({ [17], The biggest contributors to state's GSDP growth are Agriculture, Public Administration and Construction work. It is seen as a means for generate food for one's family, ignoring its potential for commerce, growth and prosperity. The state and central governments of India have cooperated to reserve and protect 67% of the land covered by forests, and additional 15% by management. Internet access is average, and private television cable channels are popular. 3 (Jun. Meaning: The word “Mizoram” can be broken into three parts as follows, “ram” means“Country”. The eight clubs include Aizawl, Chanmari, Dinthar, FC Kulikawn, Luangmual, Mizoram, RS Annexe, and Reitlang. Places to visit: Chhingpuii Thlan, Hriantrengna Lung, Khawhltha WaterfallBest time to visit: March and October, Suggested Read: 12 Beautiful Places To Visit In Nagaland On A 2020 Trip To This State. A place far away from the hustle-bustle of the city; then go to Lunglei! T Raatan, Encyclopaedia of North-east India: Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram; Birthal, Unlocking the potential of Agriculture in northeastern hill region of India, Ind. These hills and plunging gorges are criss-crossed by gushing rivers and sparkling waterfalls. }); $(window).resize(function(){ orig_width: 300 Experience the lovely village life basking in the sun amidst the lush green fields of Reiek. Find what to do today, this weekend or in December. The Mizo National Front led by Zoramthanga was elected to power. The ambiance of green trees, clear blue sky and the clear water from the lake makes it a great place to unwind completely. For anyone looking for a quiet holiday or outdoor activities in pristine and peaceful setting, this is a destination worth your while. nextText:">", window.setTimeout(timer_metaslider_57735, 1) : metaslider_57735(window.jQuery); } [27] The northern and southern Mizo Hills became the Lushai Hills, with Aizawl as their headquarters by declaring the whole area as Excluded Area till India got independence from the British. It is to be found in the west part of Mizoram and … [citation needed], According to the 2011 census, there were 30,136 Hindus in Mizoram or about 2.75% of the population. The political and judiciary powers of chiefs were neither final nor exclusive, thereafter. 3. [26] Elections have been held at 5 year intervals since then. var timer_metaslider_50011 = function() { Within the church services are drums, commonly used and known locally as "khuang". [14][15] The state's gross state domestic product for 2012 was estimated at ₹6,991 crore (US$980 million). animation:'slide', This blue mountain is located south of Aizawl at a distance of 300kms and is one of the Mizoram tourist places to visit and excite the adventure seeker within you. This beautiful-looking state is also called the land of mountains because most of Mizoram is surrounded by hills.It borders 2 neighboring countries like Myanmar to the east and south and Bangladesh to the west. These festivals slowly disappeared as Christianity became established in Mizoram. The Mizo National Famine Front, a body formed for famine relief in 1959, later developed into a new political organisation, the Mizo National Front (MNF) in 1961. 2001), pp. 8 Beautiful Guest Houses In Jodhpur That Will Beat The Blues Of Daily Life! They have developed a unique culture in the field of Music. [83], Of the total installed power generation capacity, all 29.35 MW came from hydel. pauseOnHover:true, Isha Elaborates On How She Went Solo To Kasol & Returned With Lots Of Friends.

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