Grooming is a form of bonding. Why do cats lick each other’s ears? Medical Issues. One of the common questions I hear a lot is – when will my cat stop hissing at our new cat? Cats like to be rough and tumble with each other, and it doesn't necessarily indicate they aren't getting along. Casey also hissed at Apollo after he groomed Sonny and hissed at us. Don’t be surprised if either or both cats hiss when they smell the other’s scent. The dog has done nothing to taunt the cat or bother her. Back in December '05 my kitty Satay had to spend several days in the vet hospital. They usually hiss when they feel vulnerable, frightened, or in pain. If your cats groom each other, this means that a lot of love and trust has been developed. Have some treats handy so they can have a pleasant experience together right away. This is the kind of non-recognition aggression you may see when one cat comes home from the veterinary clinic and is either hissed at or actually attacked. A cat growling and hissing is usually a cat who's scared. since then one of my cats one stop hissing at the other. Typically speaking, a cat hisses to show their disdain of something–or someone–but there are other reason why your cat is hissing.Changes in behavior are always a cause for concern among cat parents, so let’s break down why your cat is hissing to help you–and them–out ASAP. 1. Cats hiss for a number of reasons. Casey did not hiss at us or any of the other cats besides Apollo when he came from the vet. Apollo was only at the vet for a short amount of time. In my experience, most cats take it to mean exactly what its supposed to mean. Since grooming is also calming for cats, that may be a self-regulating behavior. there both 3 years old although not sisters. One cat might be experiencing pain or has developed arthritis and that may be causing the aggression toward the other cat. When she came home, her litter-mate Mabel acted exactly as you described your house-cat is acting -- hissing, swiping, etc. The past day the cat has been hissing, growling, and fluffing her fur. And on a side note, i have a friend who has a cat and this one neighbour hates her cat … This can happen in the following situations: New visitors: New people may startle your cat and cause him or her to hiss. First and foremost, cat hissing is usually a warning to another person or animal. Consider your cat’s temperament. I've kept the cats (and me) separated since the first incident, leaving the angry cat upstairs alone. Now he is only allowed outside with supervision! Don't be offended by your pet's sudden change in temperament, however. I haven't let the cats near each other because he hissed and attacked me when I approached him upon our return. I say rather well because they often have scraps with each other where the male tries to dominate the female. “Stop that/fuck off/leave me alone!” I’ve hissed at every cat I’ve owned when they misbehave. “Cats really don't like confrontation with other animals, and hissing is one of the best ways to tell an ‘aggressor’ that they should just keep their distance,” Koski says. BUY CAT VS CAT. We moved house about 5 months ago. The list of things that cats see as dangerous is a long one: noisy toys, other cats, dogs and strangers, and even their owners. When this has happened in the past I separate the cat to a … However, cats may still hiss out of aggression. ... you might try asking the groomers to use unscented products when grooming your cats. Some cats may instinctively hiss or act assertively when you introduce a new kitten, so you’ll need to offer lots of reassurance and extra attention.

cat hissing at other cat after grooming

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