Snorkeling with Manta rays in Hawaii: an unforgettable experience! Enjoy total comfort and safety while taking in the splendid scenery above and below the water. Snorkeling with the manta rays began in the early 1970s thanks to a coastline hotel, whose bright lights shone into the ocean, attracting plankton and the hungry mantas. You will never forget having these gentle giants swim so graceful before your eyes. We offer a unique Family Fish & Snorkel tour to diversify family experiences. All necessary equipment will be provided for your excursion, as well as light refreshments and snacks to enjoy on board. One of the most magnificent underwater sights in Hawaii, the graceful manta rays of the Kona Coast, consistently gather at Keauhou Bay each night, gliding and cruising just beneath the placid, moonlit surface to feed on microscopic plankton. And yet it happened here, near Kona, on the largest of the Hawaiian islands. A boat with an eco-friendly engine takes you out to the snorkeling location, where you can descend into the water on a step ladder or choose to stay dry on on board. Swim with Manta Rays in Hawaii, join Wahine Charters on a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the graceful nighttime ballet of Kona’s giant Manta Rays during our Manta Ray night snorkel adventure.Kona is the only location on the planet where you can get in the water at night and have over a 90% chance of encountering these gentle giants. Get up close with Hawaii’s graceful manta rays during this nighttime snorkel experience along the Kona coast with a small group. PLEASE NOTE: Previous snorkeling experience is necessary for the Manta Ray Snorkeling Adventure. Secure your spot with ease, stay flexible, and never miss out. Manta rays are gentle giants of the sea, with many residing along the Kona Coast. The manta ray is the largest of the ray family and one of the largest fish in the world, with wing spans up to 12 ft. wide or more. Firstly, all … Good to know: Manta ray diving and snorkeling tours are very popular and the good tours tend to get fully booked often days in advance. Our priorities are safety, comfort and fun! spots Snorkeling with rays With their flat bodies and their gills shaped like wings, rays are the “birds” of the sea. Please try again on the. Choose between sunset and evening snorkel tours; manta ray sightings are guaranteed or you can do a second outing for free. Dive in the water, and swim in an area known for manta ray sightings. There’s simply no feeling that compares to seeing enormous manta rays up close, as their graceful wings seem to fly underwater and turn in rolls all around you. As a family-owned company, we provide the best EcoAdventures along the Kona coast sure to be the highlight of your vacation! Travel out into the seas offshore to watch the colorful Kona sunset, then jump in to swim with the docile rays as they feed on microscopic plankton. An on-board manta naturalist from the University of Hawaii, along with a Red Cross-certified lifeguard, ensure an informative and safe experience. Snorkeling with our beautiful Kona manta rays is an experience you don't want to miss. While watching the rays from the kayak is great, it’s even better when you grab a snorkel and slink off the edge of your boat — joining the wild rays for a swim and an unforgettable snorkel. Snorkeling with manta rays in Brazil Fernando do Noronha You can snorkel with manta rays in … *Up to 9 days depending on the booking/product. Diving with manta rays in Kona is unlike any other location on this list. Featured. KONA, HAWAII. Slip into the water with your snorkel guide and float above majestic manta rays as they somersault, glide, and pivot in the light below. 1. Our Kona Manta Night Snorkel has a Trip Advisor Five Star Rating and not to be missed. Snorkel tours often include hotel pickup and drop-off. Our top notch crew maks amazing aquatic encounters possible and your snorkel comfortable, fun and safe. Head out into the Pacific Ocean off Kona to see the sunset over the water before diving in to enjoy swimming freely with Manta Rays in their underwater nighttime realm, an electric experience unlike anything else in the world. Offshore of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Big Island, our visitors have the rare treat to experience – the Manta Night Snorkel. Our 5pm launch time includes sunset and is the most popular manta snorkel. Described as one of the most breath-taking experiences a diver can have, why wouldn’t you want to hang out with Manta Rays? Watch as the enormous vegetarian animals, some with wingspans of 20 feet (6 meters), swim in graceful loops around you, taking in clouds of plankton for their evening meal. That said, Manta Bay is definitely the highlight! Led by a local guide, you’ll take a short cruise out to the manta site, where you’ll watch the beautiful Hawaiian sunset before dipping into the water to watch the manta rays up close. Book online for parties to 12 people. Join us for amazing SCUBA Diving EcoAdventures, Dolphin Snorkel EcoAdventures, the incredible Manta Ray Night Dive & Snorkel EcoAdventure and much more along the Kona coast! You can book a tour locally for about $25 USD if you are already on Penida or Lembongan. Find tickets & tours worldwide. For a long time I had been thinking about it, dreaming about it, never thinking that it would ever happen. Order a tour today! Snorkel the Kona Big Island! Come aboard with My Kona Adventures and chase the setting sun as we make our way toward our site for our Kona Manta Ray Night Snorkel excursion. Swimming alongside a fully grown manta is akin to flying with a massive, underwater bird, and here are the best way to experience it on a manta ray snorkeling tour. Swim with giant manta rays in their nighttime habitat during this 2.5-hour activity in Kona. If you don't see manta rays on this excursion, book again for another night--no charge. Participants must be able to swim, be comfortable in the ocean, and have prior snorkeling experience. These mesmerizing creatures sometimes gracefully glide within inches of amazed snorkelers. We'll reserve your spot today, and you can cancel up to two days* before your experience without making a payment. Off the Kona Coast of the Big Island, manta rays can grow to 15 feet from wing tip to wing tip, and weigh more than 3000 pounds. This may take a few seconds... Something went wrong. Snorkelers will find Hawaii’s pristine waters brimming with tropical fish and healthy coral. Swimming with Manta Rays Manta Ray Night Snorkeling Kona Have a magical experience snorkeling with Manta Rays at night in Kona Hawaii! Our aloha is to fulfill your every request. Our boat can carry parties up to 24 people! Swim alongside manta rays and under the moonlight on this night snorkel tour in Kona. From any of our standard adventures to a custom adventure tailored exclusively for you and your group, we will try accommodate your requests. This is the right tour for you! Wildlife encounters with dolphins or manta rays are possible! The biggest of them, the manta ray, is completely harmless and can have a span of up to 9 meters. Book Your Charter! Manta rays are filter feeders and feed on plankton attracted to light. Book this activity early! (808) 313-1116. Manta Ray Night Snorkel. Swimming alongside a fully grown manta is akin to flying with a massive, underwater bird, and here are the best way to experience it on a manta ray snorkeling tour. Learn about manta rays, their habits, and the environment in which they live. The Kona mantas are gentle giants, in many instances are 16 feet from wing to wing. The Travel Channel says, “It’s one of the top ten things to do in your lifetime.”. Take a boat ride in the late afternoon along the Kona coast to the manta viewing site. Most manta snorkeling tours in Bali will take you to these 3 destinations in Nusa Penida, giving you the chance to swim with mantas in all three. Snorkeling tours can last anywhere from 60 minutes to four hours, depending on the selected experience. The Big Island is home to over 200 identified & named manta rays, distinguishable by their beautiful black and white marks. However, this location was highly exposed and the divers and snorkelers who dared swim in these parts were unprotected from the ocean swells. Manta sightings are guaranteed, or you will be given a voucher for another tour. Your tour will conclude at its original departure point. Combine your manta ray night snorkel with a sunset cruise on Keauhou Bay or a guided kayaking tour. Sterilized non contact snorkel mouthpieces available for purchase. Most manta ray night and sunset snorkeling tours depart Kailua-Kona or Puako. Swimming with the Manta rays is possible both while snorkeling and while diving. Looking to snorkel with manta rays in Kona, Hawaii? This private charter is exclusively for families for a great price. Keauhou Bay snorkeling explorations Once the floodlights are turned on, the manta rays arrive quickly and use the water column between the snorkelers and sea bottom to perform their feeding rituals. The most common place for sightings is Koh Bon which has always been the best place, it’s where the mantas come to be cleaned. Snorkeling with manta rays on the Big Island of Hawaii offers a peek at one of nature’s great ocean creatures. Snorkeling with manta rays on the Big Island of Hawaii offers a peek at one of nature’s great ocean creatures. The area is lit by your vessels diving lights, so you can get a clear view even in dark waters. Manta Adventures offers a fabulous summer snorkel adventure. Join our team, Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii, for the best EcoAdventures the beautiful Kona Coast has to offer! Follow your guides around the manta habitat and watch as the animals are attracted to the bright lights, creating a "manta rave" of lights, bubbles and mantas. Tours, Boating, Diving. Quickly access bookings. You will enjoy a comfortable sunset cruise up the Kona coast on our brand new boat, the Maheli-Heli as we head towards the world famous Manta Ray Village. Aboard the newest, one of the cleanest and safest 24 Manta / 34 passenger COI boats in Kona, Hawaii the “Maheli Heli” All snorkel equipment, including flotation devices and wet suits, is included. Manta Adventures Inc 77-429 Kealakehe Pkwy Honokohau Harbor Slip G2 ( South Side of Harbor) Kailua Kona HI 96740, Employment Weʻre Hiring Deck Hands 06-2020 Submit Resume, ©2020 Manta Adventures | website by Gum Design, Family Fish and Snorkel – Private Charter, Manta Ray Night Snorkel Trips & All Your Ocean Adventure Tours. Going on a manta ray night snorkel in Hawaii is an amazing and unforgettable experience. From Diving & snorkeling with the world famous manta rays, swimming with playful pods of dolphins, two tank morning dives, to advanced Wildlife EcoAdventures snorkeling with sharks and larger marine life! Learn more. Manta Magic is a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list experience. We're creating your account. Manta Ray Night Snorkels, Daily Private Family Fishing & Snorkel Trips, Seasonal Whale Watching and All Your Custom/Private Charters. Sea Paradise makes it safe and easy to view these harmless and majestic creatures in the water. Which of these two dive sites we go depends on the conditions on that day as both are on the exposed site of Nusa Penida where strong currents and swell can be prevailing. The Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii crew put the lighted flotation devices in the water for us to hold onto and told us to jump in and swim the couple of feet over to them. This popularity has driven a large and unchecked growth in providers that offer these tours. Hawaii Island & Ocean Tours. Due to an abundance of plankton that comes to Keauhou Bay each night after sundown this shallow bay is home to one of the highest concentrations of manta rays … During this 2-hour tour during sunset or after dark, slip on the provided wet suit and snorkel gear and follow your expert instructor into the water. How to Get Off the Beaten Path on the Big Island of Hawaii, Where to Stay on the Big Island of Hawaii, Don't Miss These Must-Do Activities on the Big Island of Hawaii, First-Timers Guide to the Big Island of Hawaii, Things to Do on the Big Island of Hawaii This Summer, Snorkeling with Manta Rays on the Big Island of Hawaii, Big Island, Kona Manta Ray Night Snorkel- Small Group, Big Island Manta Ray Night Kayak and Snorkel Adventure. The manta ray snorkel is one of Kona’s top attractions as there is nothing else quite like it in the world! Serving Kailua Kona and … Swim alongside rays with wingspans of up to 16 feet (five meters). They have very large mouths, but no sharp teeth. Manta Ray Night Snorkels, Daily Private Family Fishing & Snorkel Trips, Seasonal Whale Watching and All Your Custom/Private Charters. Experience Hawaii’s underwater world and marine life at night, when mantas come to feed on plankton that accumulates just off the Kona coast. Snorkeling with manta rays Where to snorkel with manta rays in Thailand. Book a Private/Custom Tour with us and the whole group can comfortably enjoy a day on the water. Afterward, dry off, and enjoy warm soup, bread rolls, and hot drinks as you recount your underwater adventures. Manta Ray Night Snorkel. This is what makes it so special for snorkeling; you don’t need to go that deep to observe wildlife. Manta rays, white-tipped sharks, eagle rays, sea-turtles, sea-lions, you name it, the Galapagos has it all, a colorful life-filled ecosystem of easy access. 237. You can reserve your spot today and pay when you're ready. Hawaii Manta Snorkel Experience close encounters with these beautiful wild animals while snorkeling around a lighted raft. Homepage Homepage. Led by an expert guide, journey five minutes off the Big Island’s west coast where the mantas come to feast on plankton. Save your favorites. Small groups ensuring personal attention and a short boat ride to the viewing site, set our company apart. The mantas glide through the water like birds feeding on the plankton. All necessary snorkeling equipment is included. Swim near a manta ray natural habitat on this 1.5-hour night snorkeling tour from Kona. Float on the surface while these massive rays fly by only inches below! Aboard the newest, one of the cleanest and safest 24 Manta / 34 passenger COI boats in Kona, Hawaii the “Maheli Heli”, THREE WAYS TO SAVE ONLINE 10% DISCOUNT CODES: mantaray, konasnorkel & fishkona, Safe & Clean Boat 5 ​S​tar ​R​ated /​ W​arm ​S​hower / ​N​ewest ​B​oat / ​N​ew ​G​ear. As a scuba diver or snorkeler, seeing mantas is high on most people’s bucket list. Snorkeling with Manta Rays at Manta Point on Nusa Penida, an island just off the coast of mainland Bali is one of the most amazing experiences you can have while traveling in Indonesia. (departure time varies with season) Not to mention they can live for 40 or 50 years or more! Hawaii Adventure Tours offers multiple options at different prices starting at $99. Yes, we can do Private Party Charters, from corporate events to memorable occasions. It seems like every one is seeing manta rays at the moment. On the surface, the rest of us got our snorkel gear on and prepared to face the manta rays (literally). First dive site will be Manta Bay or Manta Point where you can snorkel or freedive with Manta Rays.

snorkeling with manta rays

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