Wow, they look so crispy..perfectly done! Good thing this keeps for 2-3 days, I could eat a whole batch by myself , Looks crispy and perfect..I love pavakkai in any form. Drain off the fried pavakka from oil. Few people fry the bitter gourd without removing the center part along with the seeds, but I always remove those. Very nicely done, you have used only corn and rice flour, no kadala maavu, all the slices are so evenly coated with the batter too.. this looks yummy ..I love karela, amma makes us pitlai and fries often, We simply love karela !! When they begin to splutter, add garlic and fry for 2 mins. My daughter loves it when I make it this way. I love pavakkai chips but the others at home do not, so I make it very rarely. Wash and slice the bitter gourd to a very thin roundels.The key to get crispy bitter gourd fry lies in cutting the slices.So slice it thinly. Wash and remove both the tapering ends of the bitter gourd. Thanks for it… By the way can we add curd instead of water to mix with the veggie? Or can I reuse the oil for frying anything else after frying bitter gourd ? Crispy Karela Fry recipe, also called bitter gourd fry or kakarakya fry is a delicious Andhra dish. Crispy,makes me this veggie so much. You can eat this along with rasam, sambar curry with rice. Ingredients: Bitter Gourds / Pavakkai – 2 large (around 4 cups sliced) Salt – 2 tblspn. Slice each piece of bitter gourd into fairly thin half-moon shape. My aunt makes this similar type..will try. Love karela and this one looks so tempting Raji! It was excellent!!! WOW!!! If you want to remove the bitterness in bitter gourd after slicing and removing the seeds mix with 2 tbsp of curd and allow it to rest for 10 mins it will start leaving water. You can increase the quantity of gram flour and rice flour, if you want a thick coating over the slices. Prepare 12 … I simply love bitter gourd fry but as my hubby doesnt like it …I hardly do it…Looks so yum! Nice pics! You can either slit the bitter gourd length-wise or cut then into thin rounds. has come out so well.. You can store it in airtight container and use for 2-3 days. I am Raks anand, writer and photographer of this recipe website. It can also be served as snack along with a cup of chai. Yumm.. want to try this. Perfect and wonderful recipe:) The photo right above the description is drool worthy. Ingredients of Bitter Gourd Green Beans in Salted Shrimp Stir Fry. It has been almost 10+ years of blogging and I thought if you want to know more about me, I should introduce myself to you all… I am also like most of the house wives, who learnt cooking only after marriage... Read More, Copyright © 2007 - 2019 Raks Kitchen, All rights reserved. Crispy side dish bitter gourd fry is ready to serve with rice-rasam combo. I haven't eaten much karela in my life and didn't think I would like it. If you don’t like the taste, deep frying will reduce the bitter taste but once you acquire its taste, you will enjoy its taste.Though this dish is not big on health benefits as its deep-fried, it makes it bearable for people who are tasting bitter gourd for the first time. even i dont like karela, except when fried. its a perfect combo with Curd rice! These taste great sliced into thin rounds, deep fried with masala coating. 2. Privacy Policy© Copyrighted by DesertFoodFeed - 2020. It is known for its unique bitter taste due to the presence of the chemical compound Momordica. Baking them in oven at 350 also yields crispy yummy pavakkai chips.Looks yum :-). Required fields are marked *. Yours looks awesome Raks. :)Very tempting pics. !I tried it and it came out the same way as in the picture. In a pan, heat oil. In a medium bowl add all the spice powders except the flour - rice and besan, mix well with salt and add the chopped bittermelon to them and toss such that the masala sticks well to the slices. I will post my version soon. Does it require to be sundried before frying to remove the moisture ? Sweetened Beaten Rice Flakes | Aval Nanachathu. Remove the seeds if there are any and transfer to a mixing bowl. This is awesome.. the pics are very inviting. I too hated pavakkai while growing up but it was a strict rule by my grandmother that you can't skip it. Mix rice,corn flours, turmeric, sambar powder,salt with the sliced bitter gourds. An extremely healthy vegetable. Thanks for the recipe. Serve the hot and crispy pavakka fry with sambar rice or curd rice. Making it is too easy, quick and it’s so tasty and healthy recipe. Make sure to thinly slice the bitter gourd to get the best crispy karela fry. I was inspired to start this blog in 2020 after noticing how a lot of people resorted to cooking as a mean of keeping themselves occupied while quarantined. My hubby's all time favorite. Bitter gourd fry goes very well as a lunch side dish. Pavakka curry. We are going to have with dal and chappati. This recipe can be enjoyed by someone who does not like bitter gourd. Hi, I am Rajeswari Vijayanand, cook, author, photographer behind Raks Kitchen. Make sure none of them are stuck to each other. Bitter Gourd Green Beans in Salted Shrimp Stir Fry. Hot and crispy bitter melon 65 fry … Soak it in 2 to 3 cups of water for 20 minutes. Tips to make Crispy Bitter Gourd Fries. Your email address will not be published. Serve as accompaniment for rice or enjoy as such as chips! If I'm baking the Bittergourd what temp and how ing should I keep to get crispy fries? It will also have bitter gourd smell. Squeeze excess … My real name is Rajeswari Vijayanand. Privacy & Cookies, Navaratri sundal recipes, Navratri snacks, Crispy bitter gourd fries | Karela fries (Pavakkai varuval), Sambar powder/red chilli powder – 1 & 1/2 tsp, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Kara kuzhambu recipe | Kara kulambu with brinjal and drumstick ». Crispy chips. looks yum, great clicks Raji. To reduce the bitterness, soak the chopped roundels of bitter gourd in sour curd for at least 10mins. 2. Rinse the bitter gourd and cut it into thin round pieces as shown in … Tamil recipes cooking tips samayal tips and biryani in tamil rasam all treditional recipes in home 6. Add 1 1/2 tbsp Rice Flour, 1 tbsp Besan Flour, 1/2 tsp Ginger-Garlic Paste, 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder, 11/2 tsp Red Chili Powder, 1/2 tsp Fennel Powder, 1/4 tsp Garam Masala, 1/8 tsp Hing, and Juice of half lemon (around 1 tsp) to the bowl. 1. Hi, I am a great fan of your blog and I have tried so many recipes from your blog! The best part about this bitter gourd fry is that it is ready in just 35 minutes and goes perfectly … My favorite and I have one in my drafts. Beautiful composition and clicks. Raji same pinch.. Made with minimal oil, this Now heat 1/4 cup of cooking oil and let us shallow or deep fry the pavakka in batches. Your email address will not be published. I used to add little salt with the slices and keep aside for 10 minutes after mixing it well. When ready to serve, add the deep fried bitter gourd to the rest of the ingredients, salt, lime juice, and pepper and mix thoroughly I have never used corn flour to it, looks nice and crispy. This is the first recipe I've tried from your blog. Looks crunchy and tempting Raks. I love this veggie any form…perfect combo with curd rice,love it!! Bitter Gourd | Pavakka Fry | Karela Fry | with step by step photos and videos. They look awesome…My MIL generally adds a little tamarind paste as well..that gives it a nice spicy tangy taste. It came out well thanks for your recipe. Keep on stirring while in fries. making bitter gourd stir fry Heat a pan with oil and add cumin. Moreover, it is rich in iron, has high dietary fiber and contains twice the beta-carotine of broccoli and calcium of spinach or potassium of banana. Crispy pavakkai fry. I love karela and wish more people whom I cook for shared my love so that I could make it more often. Wash and chop bitter melon wipe with kitchen cloth and slice thinly. I love it with curd rice. Further, these veggies are drained and marinated well with the masalas & spices. You will love it for sure. i use to bake them but i am tempted so much on seeing yours,so will try this soon…superb clicks!! Heat oil in kadai and when it is hot, add the karelas in sprinkled way. Thanks for the recipe. Do not skip step 1 to reduce the bitterness of the bitter melon. I just do not like the old pictures and it is still pending :). Coat the cooked bitter melon pieces with the prepared masala mixture, deep fry in hot oil by adding some curry leaves as well and transfer to a plate. Add 1 tbsp salt and rub it well with the veggies. Shake the colander to distribute the salt evenly. But it is not recommended for pregnant ladies. Looked for some fried karela recipes and zeroed in on yours… and it made for a yummy yummy lunch. To prepare homemade crispy Bitter-gourd chips is a tasty process & good choice for those who don’t like bitter gourd. Then, in a wok, fry the bitter gourd first. Drain in paper towel. You can fry as soon as the pavakkas are marinated with masalas. Thanks Raji for publishing this recipe . Flip and fry until both the sides turns crisp over low to medium flame. Am not a big bitter gourd fan but if it’s about crispy bitter gourd then can’t stop myself to think about it. A very simple and crispy dish that goes well with rice. Drain the water and let us marinate the bitter gourd. Prawns bitter guard curry. Leave to rest for about an hour or so. Now when I read your post, I was reminded of how I used to cry while being forced to eat pavakkai but I remember it fondly, in memory of my grandmother who passed away some years back. Continue to another 3 minutes … WIll make any person who hates karela start loving it. Lovely! Tamil Nadu Cooking style for All recipes in Tamil. !Love the addition of sambhar powder-must try! Most of us avoid this healthy vegetable coz of its bitterness. It taste crispy when served immediately. So I thought, why not share my ideas and recipes to help everyone as well? Your email address will not be published. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the bitter gourd chip until it is crispy on slow flame initially latter on high flame. Notes. It has turned out well and got appreciations too! Do not add more. I love pavakkai & love this . This crispy karela chips is made from spicy gram flour batter. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the bitter gourd slices until golden brown and crispy Drain and set aside Slice onions, tomatoes, and green chillies. wow looks very crispy and yumm.. love them very much. 3. Mix with salt, turmeric and chilli powder and marinate for about 1/2 an hour. As much as I don't like bitter gourd, I like varuval a lot.Nice presentation. Place bitter gourd and mix nicely, allow it rest for 5 min. hi raks i have tried this bitter gourd fry and rasgulla it has cum perfect thanks a lot for the lovely dishes . I suggest you to keep little oil and fry in small batches, tiring but less wastage , Made this today… It came just awesome crispy taste. Here is how you cook it. see now i think i can eat bittergourd so u get the entire credit..looks amazing n def will try it .. 3. Love these crispy fries. Thanks in advance. Once it’s golden and crispy, remove it and set into a bowl. This way it will leave out water and it will be with very less bitterness. this is a very nice recipe. Instructions. Before marinating, the veggies are mixed with 2 tsp salt and allowed to rest for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is my son and our family favorite. Since my son is in spring break I did this today for him. Turmeric Powder / Manjal Podi – 1 tsp. A very simple and crispy dish that goes well with rice. Garam Masala Powder – 1 tblspn. Platter looks delicious,..specially with the bitter gourd fries,,. Bitter Gourd | Pavakka Fry | Desert Food Feed(also in Tamil) Wow.. Looks very nice.. Good that I have karelas.. Will try tomo…, I needed just the recipe for the bag of bitter gourd sitting in the refrigerator! That's what I do. Then in the same wok and using the same oil, fry up the snake gourd. I try to bake instead but nothing equals this deep fried goodness! Chilli Powder – 1 tblspn. Try adding crushed garlic to the mixture and marinate for some time….Just put it in the fridge…..It tastes heavenly. Sure sure you can use curd, makes more crispy , Hi! Hai i tried it today and i liked this. As usual tempting clicks. Posting it soon. Thank you . We r a big fan of bitter gourds and this is a regular at home! Add the curry leaves, hing and turmeric. If you are fine with these, you can use for tempering. Never liked bittergourd much.. but these fries look as if they have no bitter taste. You can cook Bitter Gourd Green Beans in Salted Shrimp Stir Fry using 12 ingredients and 10 steps. Drizzle some sugar onto the bitter gourd chips so that it isn’t so bitter. looks crunchy & yum.. i love bitter gourd, Nice way to bring kids to eat bitter gourd…luk crispy and delicious…, These were very good. This is awesome. I make the same way too except I add a little kadala maavu. Fry the slices until the inner ring of the bitter gourd turns golden brown and the outer ridged part of the slices still have a very slight tinge of green(probably between 7-10 minutes). Squeeze out the liquid when the vegetable has to be added to the stir-fry. Bitter Gourd | Pavakka Fry | Karela Fry | with step by step photos and videos. No bitter taste. The crispy Pavakka fry is part of the daily lunch in most homes and the fresh light green Kerala Bitter Gourd has less bitterness compared to the dark green ones. Don’t fry the bitter gourd so long, turns to dark brown. Transfer them to a colander and sprinkle the salt over. So i used to have it. May be my kids too will like it this way.Thanks for sharing. Salt a pinch. My mom makes this often and this is the only way in which my husband will eat pavakkai too.. Crispy bitter gour/ karela chips recipe with step by step photos, tips and details. Thanks Raks…, I just tried… They came crisy but still bitter in taste :(((, It is always better to not re use oil. A very easy recipe and can be cooked with a handful of ingredients which makes it a quick side dish to go for. Wash the bitter gourd and cut it into slices. Bittergourd when deep fried will not be as bitter as when its not and hubby is a big fan of these chips but I dont deep fry much on regular basis..but tried to give d same effect by pre boiling n tastes good n not bitter too..before I forget lemme say they r always a fav at my place. However, not many people are fond of this veggie because of its bitter taste. Remove seeds from the rings carefully without cutting open the rings. I did this today:) I make them exactly the way you do except that I add little besan with the mixture and different seasoning. Step 1 - Wash karela and slice it into thin round rings. Sprinkle water and mix evenly. When deep fried in oil does the oil get bitter? Rice Flour / Arisi Mavu – 1/2 cup. Keep less oil and fry in small batches, so that you can discard the oil after using. Karela fries look very pretty Raks. Myself and aunty make like this for ourself and we love it very much lovely clicks as always . So don't skip it. Furthermore, kindly check my crispy gobi65. Many thanks for the recipe, I made this last night and it was nice and crispy.cheers, hi i tried this today. I love this dish…make it often with mor khuzhambu…yumm. Your email address will not be published. It should be golden in colour and light in weight. The slices are so thin & finely cut.. Wish I could make such crispy and amazing looking bitter gourd fries. But the crunchy & crispy chips version makes a best solution for it. If you want you can discard the seeds (optional). 5. Transfer into paper towel once it cool down transfer into air tight container and it can be stored for 15 day. royallu kakarakaya fry /prawns bitter guard fry PROCEDuRE * take a pan and lit the stove pour oil in it and add chopped onions green chillies curry leaves and fry it till it becomes brown now add turmeric powder ginger garlic paste salt and fry it then add fresh prawns and fry it and add roundly. I make it the same and way and my hubby is the one who cuts . But the other day, my husband picked it up while we were grocery shopping… and said – just try a recipe. Yummy, cripsy bittergourds….looks absolutely delicious. Required fields are marked *. As I saw your post where Okra was mixed with curd to bind. As they … Fried salad. , wow, they look so crispy n yummy, not a big fan of karela..but this sure looks good , Even I prepare this same thing, we call it Kaapi Infact when I was a kid I never liked it but slowly now I prefer these . Me too posted a bittergourd fry! Extremely Good!! Squeeze out as much moisture as possible from the bitter gourd … Gram Flour / Besan / Kadalai mavu – 1/2 cup. Deep or shallow fry these veggies until it becomes crisp. wow…this looks so crispy n yummy…addition of corn flour gives more crisp n taste rt? Bitter Gourd | Pavakka Fry | Karela Fry | with step by step photos and videos. March 14, 2012 by Raks Anand 83 Comments /. My favorite veggie and this will taste yum with sambar rice. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing the sugar levels and many doctors generally advice the diabetic patients to include this in their diet. I add some pepper as well for extra punch. Marinating the bitter gourd slices in salt and turmeric powder helps to reduce the bitterness. Looks so crunchy and yummy. Stir Fried Salad is one of the amazing salads that you can prepare for your lunch and enjoy the This salad recipe is extremely healthy and is quite flavourful. Arrange the prepared bitter gourd in the basket of the air fryer Air fry for 5 minutes for a softer bitter gourd stir fry. The pics of your preparation looks stunning. Slice as thin as possible, mainly all should be even in thickness,so that it gets cooked perfect. Prepare 2 of bitger gourds. Fry on medium high heat. Crispy bitter gourd/ karela chips. By doing so can reduce more bitterness to recipe. Cook in medium flame until the bubbles and sounds ceases. it cames out crispy & the taste is too god… tnx a lot…, i tried today.. it came's out crispy and the taste is too gud….. thanks a lot…. Your pics are amazing ! 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