The CNA skills exam is designed to ensure that you are proficient at the essential tasks that you’ll be performing on the job. These skills begin with proper handwashing techniques, changing a bedridden patient’s position while in bed, lifting/patient transfers, vital signs, emptying a catheter bag, feeding a patient, bathing, dressing/grooming, and other personal care related skills. Sanctioned by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program consists of a written and practical exam. This is not a timed test. It means that you get a lot more credibility in comparison to others. Your CNA exam will have two parts: the written exam (you’ll have 90 minutes to complete 60 multiple choice questions) and the clinical skills test. A patient with a spinal injury, for example, might need different bed-changing or bathing procedures. This is practice test that cover the knowledge and basic nursing skills you will need as a CNA. Traditionally, you will be required to perform up to six skills on this portion of the CNA licensing exam. Consider the following tips for passing the CNA skills test. Rinse and air dry any wash basins you use and place used linens into the proper container. Hand washing is almost always on the exam. Review the Test Material. To become a certified nursing assistant, the student must pass both a written exam and a skills demonstration test. It accounts for more than half of the passing grade in some states which gives you more reason to focus on this particular aspect well. The exam will test you on these competencies to assess your ability to practise safely and ethically in your nursing specialty. Here, you can practice Basic Nursing Skills questions. The Regional Test Site (RTS) code is also shown for use in applying for the NNAAP Examination. The CNA Skills Evaluation is the most challenging part of the CNA exam for more than 65% of test-takers. The Certified Nursing Assistant exam consists of two parts. Practice all 25 skills randomly and be prepared for any of the three to six skills your state examiner will ask you to perform. The list of specific exam competencies explains the knowledge, skills, judgment and attributes expected of a CNA-certified nurse. For the skills examination, candidates will need to perform five randomly selected nurse assistant skills. These 40 questions will help you prepare for the 2019 CNA examination. var tlJsHost = ((window.location.protocol == "https:") ? Practice each skill often, and make sure that you understand the correct techniques. Passing the CNA Skills Test. Every state will test on handwashing due to its importance in infection control, so be certain you have that skill mastered. The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) Basic Nursing Skills consists of 50 basic nursing skills questions covering several subsections. Hi Guys, I took my CNA skills test in May 2017 and failed and had to retake the test in June 2017 and PASSED! While the state-approved training program will do all it can to prepare you for the test, a large of your success depends on what you do before (preparation) and on exam day. TrustLogo("", "SECDV", "none"); Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved - FindCNAClasses, How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant, Robots to Help Alleviate High Demand for Nurses, Violence Against Nurses is too Common in the Workplace. 7. CNA Practice Test For Mental Health and Social Services Needs . 243 People Used View all course ›› You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. Wash and Return all the Equipment UsedIf you use a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff or thermometer, be sure to wipe with alcohol and place the equipment back to the original place. [CDATA[ You will be able to see correct & incorrect answers for each question. February 18, 2019 Hung Justin. Usually a 70 to 80 percent pass rate is required. One of the most important things to learn and take to heart when you are getting your certification is the clinical skills test checklist. Usually, about 5 skills are picked out of the possible 25 to 30 or so skills learned in a CNA program. 3. As you study to become a CNA, practice the skills listed above with regularity so that you can talk yourself through the steps with little to no thought. All of the critical steps in the demonstrated skills must be performed correctly. I did take the exam in Texas. Step Three: Know your state. However, those skills are picked randomly, so students need to get comfortable with all of the skills. // This is a test of the basic nursing skills category for the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) written test. Ensure that you perform handwashing immediately after you greet your patient, once gloves are removed and before you leave the room. These skills are covered within the CNA exam, spread across the written questions set which is normally between 60-90 questions. Each question has been researched and the answer verified. All of the CNA skills are listed and are accurately demonstrated on the student videos. Students must pass at least 70 to 80 percent. The skills test typically only consists of a couple of the possible skills rather than all on the list. Welcome to your free CNA Basic Nursing Skills Practice Test. The written portion of the test has 70 multiple-choice questions based off of the 2014 Job Analysis and Knowledge, Skill, and Ability Study of Nurse Aides. It is advantageous to get a CNA Certification so you will be able to work in a clinical setting. The written part will test your knowledge of nursing concepts, while the clinical skills test requires you to perform several essential nursing tasks in … There are 50 questions that will help you prepare for the 2019 CNA examination. 8. Approach Your Performance Exam with ConfidenceAlthough everyone wants to pass the first time, keep in mind that you can retake the performance exam if necessary. Repeat Tested Skills if NecessaryIf you make a mistake, admit it to the examiner immediately and ask to repeat the performance skill.

cna skills test

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