You’ll need the waterproof case which will keep it safe for up to 131 feet/40 meters. The new GoPro cameras and accessories have been unveiled. It supports both Bluetooth and WiFi, and it is able to automatically offload content to your phone, so that you never run out of space. By James Artaius 29 June 2020. The action camera is waterproof up to 33 feet, and that is without any case. AKASO V50 Pro vs GoPro Hero 7 are two of the best choice from the different part of the spectrum and it is clear that they do compete with each other to win the user’s decision. I think this action camera is actually the best value for money you can get from AKASO, because it performs exceptionally well and it is very reasonably priced. And that includes two 1050mAH batteries, which give you a total of 180 minutes of use. Akaso is a company that’s committed to offering high quality action cameras, but without the steep price tag. Whether you’re planning to swim with the camera or take it mountain biking, the necessary accessories are included. The Brave 4 does not have a touch screen, but it does have a pretty intuitive UI. The adventure was trying to figure out how to unclip it from the box afterwards. Even the lightest GoPro … There are lots of things to consider when buying an action camera. Pinterest. This action camera has electronic image stabilization, which performs well. VOICE CONTROL: You can control your AKASO V50 Elite … They are pretty expensive, especially for people who are just starting to get into the whole action camera thing. Having two batteries is a lifesaver and means that you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery while in the middle of your adventures! The V50 Elite is another outstanding action camera by AKASO. AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K/30 FPS 20MP WiFi Action Camera. Akaso V50 Weight Comparison. If you can cash out $500 and not even feel it, then there’s no reason not to get a GoPro. Perfect way to get into action cameras and what they can do! When looking at image quality, the difference between the two GoPros is not drastic. ... Akaso V50 Elite. This action camera features a 170° adjustable field of view, with a 5x digital zoom. The camera has a 170° wide angle lens, which allows some stunning wide angle photos. It’s seriously affordable, at some $75. It features 4K/30fps, 20MP photos and a touchscreen. That was an issue with the cheaper AKASO cams – the recorded audio sounds a bit muffled, and you can’t really improve that. The camera does not have the option of taking time lapse images, nor does it allow you to shoot in RAW. How Does It Compare in the Action Cam vs GoPro Battle? It’s not game-changing, but it’s pretty amazing for the price. Action Camera. Tumblr. The Akaso V50 Elite comes with everything you need to take amazing pictures. The AKASO V50 will let you capture images and video like a pro! The same is true for the touchscreen. And since there are no improvements in image and video quality over the Brave 4, it’s debatable whether or not it’s actually worth paying $30 for slightly better zoom and voice controls. Disclaimer: The Akaso V50 Elite was sent to us to try out but as always, our opinion is solely ours. It is made of rubberized plastic that ensures it does not look cheap. With 4K 30p, 20MP stills and 6-axis stabilization, is the Akaso Brave 7 LE the ultimate action camera AND vlogging camera? Better microphone 4. If you have no need for a premium product or professional quality action footage, the Akaso V50 Elite is a great budget-friendly action camera that you should consider. Included in the box with the V50 Elite is a fairly standard kit of action cam accessories: waterproof case, mounts, adaptors and straps. Like smartphones, action cameras have settled into a standard size and style. It might not have all the bells and whistles of a GoPro, but it does have several different photo and video modes – burst photo, time lapse photo and video, looping video and diving mode. As for images, the Akaso V50 Elite can capture 20MP images. For the cost – just $154.99 on Amazon – the V50 SE has more value to me than anything GoPro sells. However, the Hero White actually produces images and video of pretty much the same quality as the Mid-Range AKASO, so there’s that. Don’t forget: Use the code “adventure” to get 20% off your purchase of the Akaso V50 Elite on their website! The camera is visible, thanks to the plastic casing at the top of the package. That a normal person can’t afford especially … It’s just under $60, which is truly a bargain. Overall, the AKASO EK7000 is a decent action camera if you’re looking for something to snap cool photos and the occasional time lapse video. In terms of design, both products look quite different. 8x Zoom 7. While I am fairly active person who enjoys hikes and rock climbing, I felt that while having a GoPro would be super cool, I would only sometimes use it in the capacity it’s meant to be used. Many people aren’t afraid to try something new and to give more brands a shot. The same goes for action cameras –GoPro might have been your only option 15 years ago, but it is not anymore. This AKASO action camera also supports an external microphone, and it features advanced wind noise reduction when recording audio. You navigate the menu with the buttons on the side. However, when you compare it with the more expensive GoPros, it actually lacks a lot of great features. AKASO Vs. GoPro: Which Brand Is Better For You? This makes a difference in weight Akaso VS GoPro of 82 grams VS 109 grams. If you’re in the middle of something adventurous and don’t have a hand free, you can simply shout “Action Start Video” or “Action Photo” to activate the Akaso V50 Elite. So, even though you can film in 4K, the videos won’t really be that good unless the camera is completely stationary. And if you go down to 1080p, the frame rates go all the way up to 240 – which results in the action camera’s amazing 8x Slo-Mo. The camera comes with a waterproof case, two batteries and a remote control, as well a bunch of different mounts. Built in smart gyroscope for anti-shaking and image stabilization to make your video much more smooth. Voice controlHere’s where the Pro beats the Elite: 1. I’ve posted my detailed hands-on comparison of the Osmo Action and the HERO7 Black. And both fall under the budget action cams category for costing less than $200. The internal mic on the camera is good (despite there being no mic setting) and easily picks up your voice if you’re speaking. Unfortunately, you still don’t get a touch screen with this AKASO camera. Linkedin. My personal favorite is the 4K/30FPS which gets you a great video resolution, decent stabilization, and lots of details and vibrant colors. The accessories like the waterproof case and the various mounts are a great starter kit for those who want to take the camera into the field immediately. Check out our top picks! The Akaso V50 Elite is the newest model and was released back in October 2018.. Another thing I love is what you get in the package. You will need GoPro’s Fusion Studio software, at the very least, to create some decent footage. As for image quality, the Silver can take shots in 10MP resolution, and it is cable of burst photos and continuous shooting. Akaso Brave 7 LE: a dual-screen GoPro beater… for a third of the price? This AKASO camera comes with built in EIS, which uses an inner three-axis gyroscope to ensure your footage looks good. Liza got the travel bug at age 2, when her parents took her on her first trip to London. The Akaso V50 Elite is very similar in design to its sister the V50 Pro. Unlike the cheapest GoPro, this AKASO action camera is actually capable of filming 4K videos, at 24FPS. Overall, it’s a really good action camera for under $100. Secondly, the touchscreen. There’s even a handy “quick start” sticker on the camera to help you get going as soon as possible. Especially when you consider all the accessories you get with the V50 Pro – 2 batteries, a remote control, a waterproof case, 12 mounts and a bicycle stand. Akaso V50 Elite Design & Components Design. GoPro is a brand that provides us quality cameras with full accessories but the problem is they are expensive. For full information, please see our. At the end of the day, the battery life of the Akaso V50 Pro isn’t amazing, but it’s also not terrible. Twitter. The Hero7 Silver features a very intuitive touch screen, just like its more expensive counterparts. I think this action camera is actually the best value for money you can get from AKASO… While most action cameras are black, the V50 Elite is a softer grey color with some texture. Facebook. So Akaso V50 Pro, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $250 GoPro HERO3+, as seen on the chart below. If you’re looking for a higher frame rate, you can drop the resolution to 1080p to get 60fps. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AKASO V50 Elite 4K/60fps Touch Screen WiFi Action Camera Voice Control EIS 40m Waterproof Camera Adjustable View Angle 8X Zoom Remote Control Sports Camera with Helmet Accessories Kit at The AKASO EK7000 4k Wifi is a favorite over here at Travel is Life because it packs a lot of punch and is a great value for your money. It’s a very different action camera, and it is definitely not aimed at the casual consumer. The top holds the shutter. Have you used one before? The video and image quality were high and perfectly suited for the average user, like me. Both are capable to perform underwater photos, but you need to know that Akaso V50 Elite is not waterproof by itself. Advertising Disclaimer: Adventure in You Pte LTD is not a part of or Facebook Inc. Additionally, Adventure in You Pte LTD is not endorsed by Facebook, Inc. in any way. However, when the camera is in the waterproof case, there’s pretty much no audio pick-up due to the casing. As for battery life, when I used it on-and-off for a day, taking both video and photos, it lasted about two or three hours. Akaso Brave 4 Vs GoPro Bottom line is that GoPro is a brand which provides quality cameras with full accessories but their problem is that they are expensive. Basically, the Akaso V50 Elite offers great value for money. The V50 Elite has built-in EIS that works insanely well, and which allows you to shoot some really great footage on the go. You don’t have to spend $500 on an action camera; in fact, you can get an entry level AKASO for less than $100. Like every other traveler, I always wanted a GoPro… but I could never justify spending that much money on one. The images, on the other hand, will look pretty great. The Akaso V50 Elite (2018), however, is merely mediocre when compared to other options at its price point and won't satisfy the needs of most people. And miraculously, you won’t experience any deterioration in video quality, since the Hero7 Black uses HyperSmooth when recording 4K at 60fps. You’ll save tons of money not having to buy more accessories. In a market still dominated by the GoPro brand, Akaso is slowly building up a reputation as a solid competitor. … And the cherry on top of the cake is that you can live stream all your footage to social media, as well as automatically offload to your phone. Depending on the conditions, SuperPhoto chooses one of these four effects to significantly improve your images. The Hero7 Silver is GoPro’s mid-range option. Currently, the app is prone to lagging and crashing in the middle of an action. This GoPro takes photos at 12MP resolution, which is pretty great. There’s a lot to play around with, whether it be resolution, functions like filters and time-lapses, or other advanced settings. The Akaso V50 Elite is a good, solid, and value-laden attempt at creating an alternative to a GoPro action camera. On the touchscreen, you have to tap two buttons to switch modes but you can do it at the tap of just one button with the remote! AKASO V50 Elite action camera is able to capture HDR videos combined with the highest frame rates ever seen in an 4K action camera. This is a special edition of the V50 Pro action camera. Brave 7; Brave 4; Brave 6; Brave 6 Plus; Brave 7 LE; EK7000; EK7000 Pro; V50 Pro (The Endless Summer) V50X; V50 Pro; V50 Pro SE; V50 Elite; Winter Products. Whether you’re planning to swim with the camera or take it mountain biking, the necessary accessories are included. Battery Life: Up to 90 minutes. But it’s definitely not great for sports. The best mid-range camera is the AKASO V50 Pro SE. 1 Specifications; 2 Accessories included in the Box; 3 AKASO V50 Elite: Main Features and Benefits; 4 AKASO V50 Elite vs V50 Pro; 5 AKASO V50 Elite vs GoPro Hero 7 Black; 6 AKASO V50 Elite vs YI 4K+; 7 AKASO V50 Elite vs V50 Pro SE; 8 AKASO V50 Elite vs V50X; 9 AKASO V50 Elite vs SJ8 Pro; 10 AKASO V50 Elite vs GoPro Hero 6; 11 AKASO V50 Elite vs AKASO … No luck. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30: Best Overall GoPro Alternative. The best entry level (and cheap) action camera is the AKASO Brave 4. Redskull - 2019-10-19. Increase the speed up to 30x to turn longer activities into shareable moments. The touchscreen fills up its back, and the lens slightly protrudes out in the front. And I haven’t even named them all. However, since AKASO is the official seller on Amazon, it is expected that they will be restocked fairly soon. 🆚 AKASO V50 Elite vs GoPro HERO8 / GoPro HERO7. In her free time, you can find her in dance class, climbing a wall, or seeking out the best dessert spots in town. And it has a diving mode that is specifically designed to make it easier to get great shots underwater. Yes, you do get the option to scan a QR code to download the full manual (but how many of us actually do it?). If your phone is not handy, you can also use the remote control to take photos and videos. AKASO V50 Elite action camera is able to capture HDR videos combined with the highest frame rates ever seen in an 4K action camera. But if you can afford to spend just $15 more, I recommend you pick up the EK7000 Pro. UPGRADED SERIES OF AKASO V50 Action Camera: Records 4K/60fps, 4K/30fps, 2.7K/60fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/120fps, 720P/240fps video and 20MP image, you can capture high-quality full HD footages. In this article we compare the specs and features of the GoPro Hero 8 Black and the Akaso V50 Elite action cameras. And I would honestly recommend it anyway, because it is an amazing action camera. These entry-level models are reliable and produce good image quality but, do check our article below first to decide which model will fit your preference the most. WhatsApp. The Brave 6 is an upgraded version of the Brave 4. It’s a worthy cause, and if you would like to support it, you just have to buy the V50 Pro SE. The AKASO V50 will let you … I hope you enjoyed this comparison, and I really hope it helped you figure out which action camera is just right for you. Akaso Brave 7 LE: a dual-screen GoPro beater… for a third of the price? The Akaso V50 Elite is a great budget-friendly action camera for casual users or those getting into action cameras. When they first launched nearly two decades ago, they took the market by storm because they were extremely innovative. Additionally, this action cam comes with three batteries, all of which can last up to 90 minutes if you’re filming in 1080p. By. For me, a GoPro isn’t a “must-have” and that’s why its price tag is a tad too steep for me. The V50 cameras are the only ones that actually get close to the quality of the GoPro. Various mounts, including a bicycle and helmet mounts, as well as bandages and tethers. It’s very cheap, it is capable of filming in 4K/24FPS, and it features pretty good EIS. Pretty useful, since it does not support voice controls. Higher bit rates 3. And by similar, I mean twice as expensive. Share. Especially for an action camera that is capable of filming videos in 4K. While GoPro Hero 7 is slightly bigger with a dimension of 10 x 10 x 25cm. 1x AKASO V50 Elite Action Camera 2. Roger is a little obsessed with travel. Higher video frame rates 2. You can then use the app or remote to take photos and videos. WhatsApp. By. View Deal. … Akaso V50 Pro on Amazon: 142. Akaso V50 Elite is a very popular and one of the more expensive options. To get the coveted 60FPS, you will have to get the resolution down to 1080P. It can film 4K at 60FPS, the image resolution goes all the way up to 20MP and it features 8x digital zoom. You can also download the Akaso DV app which you can use to control the camera remotely and also to transfer the files to your phone (perfect for easy uploading to social media!). So technically the Akaso V50 Pro is an older model and was released around 6 months before the Elite..

akaso v50 elite vs gopro

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